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"Ainsi l'oeuvre d'art n'est qu'un véhicule, un moyen qui nous conduit à l'expérience. tout objet pointe vers l'ultime"Jean Klein


Born in Switzerland in 1955, it was first the decorative arts, then  painting, installations and videos. After having  lived in Canada in Paris, back to his loves, Switzerland and especially the Valais land of mountains. The passion for space, breathing, vibration. The joy of materials are the guidelines of this work - through video installations - a kind of experimental laboratory, including tactile bodily exploration - How to translate space - movement - how to reveal the void if not is by laying down a line - a shape - a material. The East understood this well. Matter is born from the void and returns to it, in this lapse of time a thing takes shape, is perceived, smelled, tasted, then disappears if only from the sight of the one who looks away, already... Do things really exist? ? It's in  this exploration that this  reveals this work in a spontaneous and direct way.


Membership an Training 1973-1976 Graduate School of Applied Arts Vevey SWITZERLAND drawing, painting, screen printing, graphic design,

  Theater school ERAD Lausanne-2000 Bern Jazz School 

Japanese engraving on wood painting in encaustic

  painting gesture chinese 

Calligraphy Arts, dance, theater.


Galleries Gallery Marie-Laure de l'Ecotais at the back of the courtyard, Rue de Seine, Paris (France) 

Palette Fine Art, Toronto, Ont. 

  Dimensionplus, Montreal (Quebec) 

  Verbier Forest Gallery, Martigny (Switzerland) 

Agency  art dimensionplus, Montreal, Qc

Membership and implications

  Member and Director Center for contemporary art artists Praxis. Canada PQ

  Member of the culture of Quebec Laurentian. Canada

2000 Exhibition Montreux, Switzerland 

2000 Exhibitions  Mirror, inks and The Warren Gallery painting  Switzerland

2002 Gallery artists Collective La foret the Hamlet,

2002 Exhibitions Switzerland Without “armrest”

2003 Swiss House, Boston, USA

2003 with the eyes of the heart of the Village House, Val David, Quebec 2003-2006 Permanent exhibition Mont Tremblant (Quebec)

2005 Exhibition New York Hadany 

2005 Sacred Profane Martigny, Switzerland  

2007 Exhibitions Val David Canada just pictures

2008 group show Marie-Laure Ecotais Paris  

2009 artist collective of the Bastille Paris Town hall of the 11th

2009 Exhibition Marie-Laure de l'Ecotais Gallery Paris

2009 Exhibition ART-Z park Beijing

2009 Exhibition Gallery Dafeng Djidjoba Beijing

2013EFA Exhibition 

2012Exhibition LE CUBE Swiss June July / GALLERY ART+ Morat July August Solo CA 

2014 -2016 creation workshop gallery in Villeneuve

2017 collective Exhibition Rilke and the image at Maison Visinand Montreux

2019 50 years  from the Visinand house  collective exhibition

2020 Exhibition Gallery Great Fountain Sion 

2020 Visinand House Exhibition 

2020 Exhibition Manenti Farquet  Volleges


Cover of specific embodiments of the instant the heart of Jean Bouchard D'Orval, the Reed Publishing,

Cover of Man cellular Jean Ratte, Janus Publishing Canada

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