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From  region s sniff the smell of people,  elements / Different prisms, sounds, sensations.  time is never in the present, but like a pendulum it goes from past to future from future to present  in quick succession * . time only exists on the horizontal plane, the time of a glance contains all the possibilities  the  vibration sounds colors  neither before nor after nor now of all  ...
Let infuse.

le temps n'existe que sur le plan horizontal, le temps d'un regard contient tout les possibles  la vibration les sons les couleurs ni avant ni après ni maintenant entre tout ...Laisser infuser.

chant de fleurs
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All expression, all action stems from the unity of the body and  the mind . Matter, if it is not immobilized, offers this encounter, and the spirit then carries matter. It is a movement, it tends towards beauty the inexpressible. Gives structure and form in time and space, only a work of art born in the totality of its beauty can tend towards beauty.
It's a state a state  to be  snapshot where  cease all activity  mind, a  empty  lived, in which the creative breath could be engulfed... perhaps a  abstraction  in which everything has  already its rightful place.
John Klein

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