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exhibitions/ Gotof
Exposition Galerie Grande Fontaine Sion 2020 Gotof Peinture / Samuel Mathiss  Sculpture
Exposition Gotof + Siegenthaler Vollèges / MF  2019-2020-21
Gotof Samuel Matthis  l'opulence du vide maison visinand expo 2020
l'opulence  du vide I expo visinand 2020-21

Installations/ exhibitions 2019-20-21

Gotof/jean Siegenthaler /Samuel Mathiss/
Maison Visinand/ large fountain gallery/ FM materials  / inmemoriam/Sion creation space/ 

2021 inmemorial anni horrific / collective 
2020-21/FM materials:
  Jean Siegenthaler/ Gotof
2020/Gallery large fountain Sion:  Samuel Mathiss/Gotof
2020/Maison Visinand Montreux:  Gotof/Samuel Mathiss 
installations/Gotof sculpture/Mathiss/ music/ Gotof Mathiss©

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